" The best athletes make the best ballplayers "

Athletic Development with Ron Kaplan. 

Athletic skill CAN be taught.  In an eight-session program over four weeks, Ron will work with your child to develop the strength and skills needed to improve their athleticism. Age appropriate programs designed.  The program is built to give your child a sense of physical literacy – an understanding of the movements and body control that will enable them to develop the kind of athletic skills that will ultimately help them in all sports.  Ron will teach techniques for athletic movement involving acceleration and deceleration control, landing mechanics, balance, strength and agility, among others.  This will give your child an understanding of how to move and control their body in order to be a better athlete.  These techniques will also help prevent repetitive-motion injuries and early-burnout.  If you have ever wondered why your kid was unable to perform an athletic move demonstrated to them by a coach, it’s likely because they have not achieved physical literacy.  Athletic Development with Ron Kaplan can give them this.  The  'Best athletes make the Best ball players'.


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4 week Program

Focusing on Speed/Strength/Agility

To produce Powerful Athletes


Start at your own level


See objective results 

in 4 weeks!

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